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Switchboard Installations and Upgrades in Melbourne


5Switchboards direct electricity from the power supply to smaller regions of usage. They’re an essential part of every electrical system, protecting you from dangerous power surges.

We can carry out switchboard installations in Melbourne for residential and commercial properties. We install the latest switchboards with the best technology to ensure efficient flow of your power supply, combined with the highest standards of safety. And we will deliver our installation with the utmost in professional and courteous service.

We also offer switchboard upgrades in Melbourne. Perhaps you already have a switchboard, but it’s an older one that cuts the power quite a lot because it gets overloaded easily. This is annoying – but worse than this, your switchboard may actually have become a hazard. Older switchboards often contain components that no longer comply with current safety standards. It can also be a matter of what they don’t contain: newer switchboards have features such as circuit breakers and residual current devices (RCDs and ELCBs) to isolate faulty circuits fast. Older ones lack these components, posing a greater risk of electrocution and electrical fire.

Mainstream are dedicated to making your electrical system safe as houses with our switchboard installation and upgrade services in Melbourne. Give us a call today and get your switchboard sorted once and for all.

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