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Emergency & Exit Lighting Testing

Emergency Light Testing


1Australian safety standards place the legal duty of call on commercial building operators to ensure that emergency and exit lights will work for a set period of time during a power out. This time period gives people within the building enough time to get out safely in the event of an emergency.

To make sure these systems are in a state of readiness at all times, they must undergo emergency light testing every 6 months by personnel specifically qualified to do so. A Manual Discharge Test is carried out to access the emergency lights’ batteries fare without power for 90 minutes. Mains failure is simulated by turning off the circuit and the tester records whether the lights keep shining for the designated period.

This testing involves:

  • The replacement of any defective lamps and batteries.
  • An automatic discharge test to check the function of each visual indicator.
  • Advise proprietors of any adjustments or changes that are required.
  • Once a year, all signs must be cleaned to Australian Standard Guidelines.

Mainstream are qualified to carry out emergency light testing, and you can be assured that we will perform them thoroughly. We are passionate about electrical safety and will make sure that yours is never compromised.

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