Electrical Maintenance Services and Repairs in Melbourne


9 We offer repair services for:

  • Lighting maintenance
  • Fault finding
  • RCD
  • Safety switch fault
  • General electrical faults


Electrical systems are the backbone of modern life, and many of us find it hard to imagine living without them. When something goes wrong with your electricity, it’s very frustrating and disruptive. Unfortunately there are a vast number of things that can go wrong, but never fear – the electrical repair experts at Melbourne’s Mainstream have the technical know-how and experience to tackle every single one of them.

Our electricians bring their expertise to every electrical problem, whether a large-scale commercial lighting system has shorted out or a power point in your house has stopped working. No electrical repairs in Melbourne are too big or too small!

We also believe it’s important to avert problems before they occur by performing regular maintenance. Electricity can be dangerous, and regular safety checks of your electricity systems are one of the best ways to prevent a disaster, which can be caused by such simple things as electrical shorts or loose connections. Once these issues are identified, they’re easy to fix – so it’s really worth taking the time and effort to carry out this task. Mainstream’s electrical maintenance service is thorough and reliable; once our inspection has been completed you can be confident that your system is safe.

It’s important that electrical repairs should never be attempted by anyone who isn’t specifically qualified and trained. Don’t put yourself at risk – contact Mainstream Electric and Data services today for a repair and maintenance service you can trust!

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