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Data Cabling Melbourne

Data Cabling Installations in Melbourne


10 We offer Data cabling services for:

  • CAT5V
  • CAT6
  • Foxtel
  • TV
  • CBus
  • Starserve
  • Network cabling


Mainstream’s electricians are experienced in electrical and data services, and have specific data cabling qualifications with Austel approval and Krone certification. We can carry out data cabling installations in Melbourne for both commercial and residential premises with our reliable, trustworthy and professional service. On top of this, we charge reasonable prices for our services, so your installation won’t cost you the earth.

Data cabling forms the basis of a network, transmitting and sharing information between users. In the age of the internet, this service has become indispensable for both businesses and homes – essential for work and play.

Data cables, however, aren’t all about the internet – they come in a range of different materials, each for different purposes, from wireless to video and audio cabling. It’s important to get professional advice about what your data requirements are and what cabling you need. Without this advice, your system might not operate at its best, or could even be damaged.

Additionally, every cabling system is unique due to factors such as:

  • the structure of the building that will accommodate the installation
  • the function of the cables installed
  • the types of equipment that the installation will support
  • whether there’s an existing system that needs to be replaced or upgraded
  • the specific requirements of the customer.

Because of the complexity and specialist knowledge involved, getting your data cabling installation done by an expert will prevent headaches and maybe even disasters down the line.

For expert data cabling installation in Melbourne at the best price, call Mainstream Electrical and Data services today.

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